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2.0 Blockchain Tokenization

A new approach using a hybrid concept of the Defi and centralized market into one TVL(total locked value). 4RX retrieves data from major API’s such as Maha, Defi Paulse, CoinGeko, and CoinMarketCap with 66 assets whose price and portion updated dynamically follow the market volatility. after a long journey of machine learning since 2017, 4RX is now compound it right.

The algorithm uses liquidity pool mining protocols such as YFI, Kyber, Curve, Compound, Balancer to increase the token value and liquidity. The algorithm behind the scene makes real-time calculations and retrieves data from Oracle API’s using 100 indices every 1 minute,  indices such as APY, APR, stability, market cap, sector, gas fees, technology, market price, monthly performance, creation date, daily cap, decentralize, volatility and buying pressure.

As a result, it can predict in a high accuracy the market volatility and give traders an indication of where to invest their capital. The algorithm using a deep AI to understands what token to include in the index and in what proportion. This can save investors money and time in their investment and trading journey.

Dynamic Portfolio Tokenizem

4RX was developed to solve a severe problem: handle the crypto market volatility and eliminate bad decision-making in trading that mostly cause a loss. Only by staking the 4RX, the holders can yield high interest from its market value change and from the staking smart contract, which can save a lot of time and increase the ROI.

The 4RX APY is around 462% as for the last 365 days. Follow market research price prediction, Bitcoin might reach over $200,000 in market price in 2021 and gain a global market cap of up to $1,500,000,000. 4RX holders will earn from this price increase without any additional transaction.

4RX Purpose

1. Aim to be an indicator token that can predict the market with 3 years of machine learning and data analytics.

2. Use a yield farming methodology to increase liquidity and market price value.

2. Let Investors stake the 4RX in different yielding protocols in a decentralized infrastructure using 4RX staking Dapp.

3. Rank into the top 100 tokens in the crypto market as a leading valued investing asset.

4. Become a substantial liquidity pool that serves the exchanges and blockchain community.

4RX serve investor who is:

1. Conservative long term investor,  who wish to reduce risk in trading over the exchanges

2. Beginner investor that doesn’t know how to invest and trade in the crypto jungle.

3. Explores after stable token with an elastic behavior that is exposed to the market volatility from one end but also has enough exposure to stable tokens, that keep its market price stable.

4. Wants to stake diverse LP token with high APY without the headache of swapping and trading it

5. Pay reduced transaction gas fees by wETH token infrastructure.

5. Wish to eliminate exchange trading fees.

6.  Crypto enthusiastic after the future crypto tokenization.

7. Conservative and looks for stability and volatility in the same coin.

Stake More. Gain More

What you can do with the token?

1. Buy it at pre-sale price and trade it with arbitrage profit.

2. Stake it and earn daily interest for up to 1000 days epoch.

3. As more, you stake as more you earn.

4. You can choose between ERC20 and TRC20 Token

5. Help the community grow and part of a big crypto project

6.  Join 4RX referral program and earn more 4RX

Tokens Distribution

4RX Token Distribution

95% owned by the community:50% at initial coin offer(ICO), the presale tokens contributed follow this portion: 35% Uniswap pool liquidity, 15% staking Dapp liquidity. All unsold token in the presale will be added to the available supply: 45% by a public sale and unsold token from the ICO

Staking Dapp Distribution

4RX Dapp Distribution

100% from the Staking belongs to the community, no admin control the smart contract, no admin has any portion commission from the staking platform, its 100% for the community growth service. 8% from the pool is assigned to affiliates and 1% is for rewards bonus of sponsors and affiliates.


With help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

4RX Staking Dapp

4RX Holders will be able to stake their token in the staking smart contract and increase their ROI with a lucrative daily rate. 279%-1500% return and 295%-811% APY.

Stabilized conditions in the 4RX Dapp smart contract will keep liquidity growth in the long term and assure the inventor’s bank.

  • Increase the token market cap
  • Build trust with the community
  •  Market buying pressure incentive
  • Token price-stable with a growth curv
  • Smart AI algorithm technology


  • Transfer 30% from the pre-sale to the Dapp smart contract balance
  • 3% minimum accumulated interest before a withdrawal
  • Progressive daily interest growth formula
  • 3% max daily interest withdrawal
  • 20% liquidity pool assurance
  • Penalty for early withdrawal
  • Buyback ETH to 4RX
  • Liquidity pool mining protocols
  • 5% entry fee goes to the smart contract liquidity
  • Re-investing functionality

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